Growing Thyme Cooking Review— Rise and Shine Course

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I love getting in the kitchen and cooking with my kids. We especially love baking, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to review Growing Thyme Cooking.

What’s Included?

The Growing Thyme Cooking: Rise and Shine course can be purchased as a digital file or print. The digital file is $40 and the print is $75. As mentioned on their website, the course consists of six lessons that cover various topics which include nutrition, food science, food source, life cycle of plants, ingredient information, step by step instructions and more. Bottom line: it is packed full of great information and recipes!

Our Experience

We used the digital version, and let me start off by mentioning that this is such a thorough curriculum. Yes, you will get to cook some yummy recipes. But, it is so much more than that. My kids have cooked with me in the kitchen many times before, and even still learned so much through the Rise and Shine curriculum. We cooked the Maple Bacon Sweet Potatoes and the Oat Pancakes. Both were super delicious!

We love making pancakes and waffles, so our favorite was the Oat Pancakes. Like with all of the recipes included in the curriculum, we began by learning and discussing all of the ingredients and their origin. Side note: my kids were especially interested in learning about dairy, so we watched several videos on YouTube to learn more. After discussing the ingredients and the tools that are needed, we were ready to jump right in with making our pancakes.

My usually rambunctious kiddos were so careful and focused as they measured out the ingredients and poured them into our bowl. Both my 3 year old and 5 year old cracked the eggs with such care. It was so cool to see how dedicated they were to the task at hand and the overall goal which was the yummy pancakes. They followed each step themselves, except for pouring the batter on the griddle. I’m not quite brave enough to allow them to do that on their own just yet. They were so proud of the final product and so ready to get to the best part: eating the pancakes!

There is a quiz at the end of each lesson, however we skipped the quiz because of the age of my kids. Instead we simply discussed what we had learned again, and used the lesson as a springboard to dive deeper into some of the topics they were most interested.

Reviewing the recipe from our laptop

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Growing Thyme Cooking: Rise and Shine Curriculum is thorough and teaches the important life skill of cooking in such a fun and unique way. This is a curriculum that can be used with early learners (like my kids) and older kiddos. If you are interested in cooking with your children, I would absolutely recommend Growing Thyme Cooking!

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