Mrs. Wordsmith Foolproof Sight Words K-1 Review

Disclaimer: Complimentary product received through the Melanated Gold Review Squad, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

What’s Included?

Mrs. Wordsmith’s Foolproof Sight Words is available as an instant download which includes 81 printable pages that feature 200 high frequency words. This is meant for children aged 5-7, or kindergarten through first grade. The price for the sight word book is $14.95.

Our Experience

Although we have reviewed some sight words prior to receiving Mrs. Wordsmith’s Foolproof Sight Words, we were never really consistent. Since receiving this sight word book, we have consistently worked on sight words daily. It has been interesting to witness my son’s progress. He has begun to remember some of the sight words not only as we work on the activities in the book, but when we are out running errands as well.

Mrs. Wordsmith’s Foolproof Sight Words is divided into 8 levels, with each level featuring different words but the same lesson format. With each level we worked on tracing, finding hidden sight words and coloring them, and a word search. My son enjoyed tracing the sight words the most. I felt that all of the activities were good, but I did notice that the word search pages required quite a bit of my help to complete. However, I do believe that this could be something that my son will eventually grasp as we continue on with the sight word book.

Overall, I think that Mrs.Wordsmith’s Foolproof Sight Words offers a fresh approach to teaching sight words. This is definitely a step above the typical flash card review that might be a little boring for some learners. The characters are fun and we loved how much coloring was involved with each level. I am confident that as we move forward with this book, my son will have even more sight words under his belt.

Final Thoughts

If you would like for your child to start learning sight words I would recommend looking into Mrs. Wordsmith’s Foolproof Sight Words. It is reasonably priced and offers an amazing value!

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