Night Zookeeper Review

Disclaimer: Complimentary product received through the Melanated Gold Review Squad, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

What’s Included?

Night Zookeeper is an online program built around helping children unlock their creativity through writing. It is a subscription that helps improve grammar and writing skills, as well as featuring an offering of over 1,000 learning games and activities. There are a few plan options of which to choose including a monthly ($13.39), 3 month ($13.00), and 12 month option ($10.05). The age range for Night Zookeeper is 6-12.

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Our Experience

Night Zookeeper is a great interactive program. The activities are engaging and enriching, and I love how kids are instantly given feedback on their work. This is a program that I know would be an incredibly helpful resource for any homeschooling family. My 5 year old enjoyed creating his own character/avatar, and was captivated by the overall story featured in Night Zookeeper.

However, I do want to add that this is not a program that my son can use independently. Every game and activity required that I work together with my son, because he simply didn’t have the skills required. In order for kids to use this program without assistance, they need to know how to type fairly quickly, be familiar with some complex words, and know simple sentence structure. My son is 5. As mentioned earlier, the program is truly made for children aged 6-12. With that said, my son loves Night Zookeeper. He did need my help with the activities, but he was still able to learn a lot. Playing the Night Zookeeper games helped my son learn and recognize complex words in a way that was fun and memorable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that Night Zookeeper is an incredible program that would be helpful for any family (especially those with older children). The Night Zookeeper story is exciting and interesting, the design of the program is great, and the games and activities foster memorable learning opportunities. I would definitely recommend Night Zookeeper.

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