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What’s Included?

Typesy for homeschool is an online program that teaches children how to type correctly and efficiently. It is a subscription that is designed to take children from the beginner level to expert with consistent use of the program. A Typesy Homeschool Family Subscription is $67, and with that price families get 2 parent-teacher admin accounts, 4 student accounts, full school curriculum, and 5 years unlimited access to the program. It covers lessons on various academic subjects as well as games to make learning how to type fun. The age range for Typesy Homeschool is pre-k through 10th grade.

Our Experience

My son loves pretending to type on the computer, so he was beyond excited to get the green light to actually learn how to type with Typesy Homeschool. I was slightly skeptical that this program would be age appropriate for my 5 year old. I thought, “will my son be able to complete typing tasks on his own?”. Within minutes, I knew that this was, in fact, the ideal program for our family. The lessons were perfect for my son and he was able to catch on and complete typing tasks on his own. He was genuinely pleased and proud of himself and all that he was able to do independently.

The storyline featured in the videos was also captivating and made the experience even more enjoyable. The Typesy Homeschool lessons are short and sweet, so children don’t have to sit for long periods. If you have a wiggle worm like I do, you understand that any program that requires long periods of sitting is just not going to work. I also loved that between lessons the characters show kids how to stretch their fingers to reach keys, and to wiggle their fingers to give them a break. These are great tips that children can take to adulthood to prevent stiff fingers or even carpal tunnel.

In addition, there are several typing games designed to reinforce what is taught in the lessons. I did need to assist my son with playing the games because they required a greater typing speed. However, that is only because he is a beginner. I’m confident that with continued use of Typesy Homeschool, he will be able to play the games independently.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely love Typesy and will continue to use the program with our homeschool. If you are interested in your child learning how to type correctly, I would, without a doubt, recommend Typesy Homeschool!

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