The Crayola Experience Plano Review

Basic Info

There are several Crayola Experience locations nationwide, the one located in Dallas/Ft. Worth is in Plano inside of Willow Bend Mall. General Admission to The Crayola Experience is $27.99 for ages 3 and up. However, there is a $3 off discount per ticket if they are purchased online. The price of admission includes a plastic Crayola bag to carry crafts that are made during your visit. You will also receive two tokens that can be used to name and wrap your own crayons and/or get modeling dough.

Our Experience

I have visited The Crayola Experience before, however my children were much younger so we did not do as many of the activities. This time was much different, and my kids were literally bursting with excitement just looking at the building from the outside. From the moment you enter The Crayola Experience you are fully immersed into a bright and colorful Crayola world. In addition to the scenery, there are several hands on activities that are fun for both children and parents.

The first activity is located right after you enter and it gives kids the opportunity to name and wrap their very own crayons. My kids were especially excited for this activity, and got a real kick out of using a hand machine to wrap their crayons. With admission, you are given two tokens which can be used to name and wrap your crayons and/or get modeling dough. My kids opted to use both of their tokens on crayons. More tokens are available for purchase if you would like more crayons or modeling dough.

After the crayon wrapping and modeling dough activities, it’s kind of a free for all in terms of the order in which to do everything else. It wasn’t too crowded on our visit, so we did almost all of the activities available. Some of those included:

  • Silly Selfies: Kids can take selfies on tablets and put silly and funny animations on their face, which will show up on a big screen for everyone to see.
  • Drip Art: Kids choose a crayon which will then be melted and turned into cool spin art that they can take home.
  • Melt & Mold: Kids choose a crayon which will then be melted and molded into a animal shaped crayon of their choice. My kids took home a seahorse and a shark.
  • Paint Palatte: Kids get the opportunity to paint with watercolors and then can run their art work through a drying oven so that it will dry quicker.
  • Scribble Scrubbies: With admission, each guest receives a voucher to get a Scribble Scrubbie which is a small animal figurine that can be colored with markers.
  • Toddler Town: Indoor playground equipment where kids can definitely burn a lot of energy!
August with his drip artwork
Axel with her Scribble Scrubbie

If you want to make a day of The Crayola Experience, there is a cafe and other food options onsite. On our visit the cafe was closed, but there was a place where snack type food could be purchased and plenty of seating to enjoy your food.

Crayon wrapping station

Final Thoughts

Overall, we had a great time at The Crayola Experience. The activities were fun and my kids loved the crafts that they were able to take home. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area I would definitely recommend taking your kids to The Crayola Experience, you won’t be disappointed!

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