Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Primary Pack Review

Disclaimer: Complimentary product received through the Melanated Gold Review Squad. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

What’s Included?

The Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary Pack is a literature-based curriculum that will take your child on a journey from 1000 AD through the mid 1800s. The curriculum pack includes: a teacher’s guide, a blank notebook, 23 books, and 94 lessons. This curriculum is designed for learners in kindergarten through third grade. It is formatted so that the curriculum can be completed in 1 or 2 years, depending on the desired pace. The Early American History Primary Pack is priced at $313.19, however it is currently on sale for $249.95.

Our Experience

I was admittedly hesitant to review an American history curriculum. I worried that it might contain the same misinformation that I was taught as a child. With that in mind, I was skeptical. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at the manner in which Beautiful Feet teaches historical figures and events. This is a curriculum that is meant to take a year or two to complete, so I have not gone through all of it. But, the lessons that we have done have been excellent.

In our studies thus far, we have learned about the early explorers and Native Americans. I truly appreciate that the telling of these important stories is not sugar coated. There are no gory details, but it is explained that the “exploration” of America also meant decline of the Native American population.

As a parent, I really like the way that history is taught with the Early American History Primary Pack. This is how I wish history was taught when I was in elementary school. I loved the literature that was paired with each lesson. I loved that a notebook is included to inspire learners to dive deeper into the lesson by answering discussion questions. I also thought it was cool that each lesson ends with a historical recipe that features a meal from a specific time period. I loved all of it.

However, my son did not. The Early American History Pack is listed as a curriculum for Kindergarten through Third Grade, but I feel that my kindergartner is simply not ready for what the curriculum would ask of him. He is not writing yet, so we were not able to use the notebook at all. It is literature-based, which I loved. But, that meant that there was a lot of required reading, which was hard for my wiggly worm son. He is a visual learner, so he did enjoy the suggested YouTube videos and was able to make connections with what was read in the lesson.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that the Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary Pack is an awesome curriculum. It just doesn’t work for my family right now. If you have a learner that is writing and that loves literature-based curriculum, this is the history curriculum for them! I will likely pull the Early American History Primary Pack back out in a year or so when my son is bit older.

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