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Generation Genius Science Subscription Box Review

We have used various science subscription boxes in our homeschool and have had positive experiences. Science is just one of those subjects that is inherently fun. My son and I randomly came across Generation Genius on YouTube, and instantly fell in love with the brand. The videos are great! I recently learned that they also have science subscription boxes, and knew we had to try them out. I had no idea just how incredible the experience would be for us. Keep reading to find out how we were hooked, and why you need Generation Genius in your home.

What’s Included?

The Generation Genius Science Kit is a subscription box that includes everything needed to do three science experiments. It is intended for ages 9-99. The experiments vary each month and can cover chemistry, biology, engineering, and more. There’s also enough supplies to do each experiment multiple times. The Generation Genius Science Kit also features step-by-step videos with the host (Dr. Jeff), instead of a written manual. The subscription is offered as a monthly, 3 month, or 6 month subscription. Prices range from $29.95/month to $39.95/month. For a limited time, Generation Genius is offering the first month’s box for FREE!

Our Experience

When I tell you that I cannot say enough good things about Generation Genius— I mean it! The experience was awesome. I took advantage of the deal mentioned above, and got our subscription box practically for free. I had to pay shipping, which was just $7.95. The box came quickly and I was immediately impressed by the presentation. The supplies included were great quality, and the chemicals were labeled and safely stored. We logged on to the website, as instructed from the box, and entered the included password to access the step-by-step videos.

Dr. Jeff, the host, was funny and kept my 4 and 6 year old’s attention. We really loved how the videos went into detail about why the experiments worked the way they did. I do recognize that my kids are not necessarily the intended audience. However, with my assistance, they were still able to perform and understand the experiments. Once they are older, I know they’ll be able to do them independently. The step-by-step video is paced well, so we didn’t have any issues with not keeping up. Plus, the video can easily be paused if needed.

The three experiments that we did were Turn Liquid into Worms, Draw Patterns that Glow, and Liquid that Changes Color. We did each experiment multiple times, which added to the fun. We really loved experimenting with different variations of the same experiment. It allowed us to test our own hypotheses about how variables may change the experiment.

Final Thoughts

In case you can’t tell already, I would 100% recommend the Generation Genius Science Kit. It is so well put together, and priced more than appropriately given the amazing experience to be had. If you are looking to try out a science kit, now is the best time to get the Generation Genius Science Kit. I promise you and your kids will love it!

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