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My Story K Review (Faith-Based Social Studies Curriculum)

What’s Included?

My Story K is a faith-based social studies curriculum. The curriculum book is a twice-a-week course. It focuses on introducing kids to cultures around the globe, citizenship, geography and economics. It also teaches about God’s love. My Story K is designed for Kindergartners. It is normally priced at $44.99, but it is currently on sale for $42.75.

Our Experience

We used My Story K for my 1st Grader and Preschooler. Even though it is designed for Kindergartners, I felt that it was still great for my kids. We really enjoyed how My Story K incorporates language and geography into each lesson. My kids were fascinated with the featured cultures, and found it fun to find the countries on the map included. We often found ourselves doing further research and watching videos on the various countries on YouTube.

We are Christian, however we only use secular homeschool resources. This is purposely done, because I honestly have a hard time trusting many faith-based resources. My Story K does a great job of including faith into the curriculum in a non-offensive way. However, the Bible verses were not well thought out in the lessons. Many of the verses seemed random, and were taken out of context so that it would fit the lesson. After a few lessons, we skipped the Bible verses all together because it was hard to explain the connection to my kids.

Other than the Bible verses, we truly did enjoy using the curriculum. The activities were fun and engaging. I appreciated the attention that was given to smaller countries and cultures, which we otherwise would not have learnt. I also like the two day a week course load, it went really well with our schedule.

Final Thoughts

Overall, My Story K is a good social studies curriculum. It worked well for my family. It’s a curriculum that we will continue to use for the remainder of our school year.

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