10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I am very new to blogging and I have never been good at writing an “about me”, so I figured the best way to introduce myself is to tell you 10 things that you don’t know about me. Granted, these are probably things you wouldn’t care about anyway. But, here goes:

1. I met my now husband when I was 5 years old.

2. As a child, I found a very pretty rock that I wanted to keep. I also wanted to play tag with my friends, but I didn’t have any pockets for my rock. I made the wise decision to hold the rock in my mouth and proceeded to play tag. When I was tagged I accidentally swallowed the rock. Yep, I swallowed the rock. To my knowledge, I’ve never passed the rock but that’s another blog post.

3. I have been to almost a dozen countries (South Africa, England, France, Italy, Canada, Belize, Holland, Germany, Ireland, China, and Thailand).

4. I often read the end of a book first.

5. I once had a near death (in my head) experience in Alaska when I got lost with my family in the woods.

6. My husband calls me the encyclopedia because I am obsessed with facts.

7. I was born with a heart murmur.

8. I hate root beer (yuck!)

9. My favorite TV show is The Office (American).

10. I often burst out laughing at my jokes.

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